Booking an Appointment

You can book a telephone appointment in advance with a doctor or nurse by telephone. We always try to offer you an appointment on the day you want it but this may not always be possible.

We offer same day appointments for acute illness's. This may be with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. They are highly skilled and can prescribe and refer patients like the GP can. Patients will be asked to give a brief explanation as to why they require the appointment, this is to enable the staff to book the patient into the appropriate clinician.

Staff have been trained by the GPs to triage the calls and direct patients to appropriate services as a GP/ANP appointment may not be the correct service required.

Patients who pre book an appointment will be triaged by a Doctor. This means that the receptionist will take your details and a Doctor will telephone you back. During this telephone call, the Doctor will assess your needs and, if required, agree a mutually convenient time for you to attend at the surgery

During this COVID 19 pandemic we have seen an increase in calls to the practice please be patient. Our staff are working hard to get through the high volume of calls being received and requests for appointments. DEMANDING AND AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED staff have been advised to terminate the call should this happen and the practice manager will take action should this be required.

All calls are now recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Please remember we are not an emergency service- should you feel it is an emergency please ring 999.

PLEASE REMEMBER that our doctors are very busy and only have a 10 minute slot per problem per appointment. Please book a double appointment if you wish to discuss an additional problem. We cannot accommodate repeat double appointments.

South Sefton GP Extra Service- currently only accessible via telephone. 0151 475 4667

South Sefton Primary Healthcare is providing routine general practice appointments for any person registered with a GP practice in South Sefton.

The service is provided at Litherland Town Hall, Hatton Hill Road, Litherland, L21 9JN

Weekday evenings 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 10am-1pm

Please ring the Practice if you require an appointment with a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse between these times.

Please note that this is not an Urgent Care service or drop-in centre. All appointments must be pre booked through your own GP Practice.

This service now includes Phlebotomy and practice nurse appointments. They do not as yet do immunisations. (updated 27.11.19)

Telephone Advice

Only very urgent calls will be put through to the doctor during surgery hours. Please tell the receptionist what the call is about so we can assess how urgent the situation is.

Preference of Practitioner

The practice has Advanced Nurse Practitioner appointments to deal with on the day appointments. They can prescribe and do referrals and are very experienced.

All patients are now registered with the practice and not with a specific doctor but patients may express a preference to see a particular doctor when making appointments. In the event that your preferred doctor is unavailable, the practice will offer you another doctor. If you insist upon waiting to see a specific doctor, then this will depend upon that doctor's availability and may result in you having to wait longer than the 48 hours anticipated in the NHS Plan. Some GPs only work on certain days. Appointments are available up to 2 weeks in advance.

If you are late

After you have been triaged and asked to come in, please attend surgery at the time specified.

Appointments will be held for you for up to 5 mins after the time given to you. If you arrive more than 5 mins late, you will be asked to make another appointment. Please do not be offended by this; the reason that we do this is so that other patients are not kept waiting if you are late.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please inform us as soon as you know that you will not be keeping it so that your appointment can be given to another patient and will not be wasted. We have many wasted appointments each day because patients do not turn up and they do not let us know in advance so that the appointment can be given to another patient.

( updated 14.05.2024)